Spawned Dynamic Mesh Component isn't hit by Line trace by channel

I’m spawning Dynamic Mesh Components at startup but when i try to clic on them with the mouse using line trace by channel they are not hit at all. (it’s working fine for pre runtime static meshes)

I tried to set Collision Enabled and Set Collision Response to All Channels (block) but it doesnt help.

when i add this dynamic mesh before runtime it’s working fine
EDIT no it’s not working either

Any idea ?

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Do you check if the Collision Enabled setting for your dynamically spawned mesh component is set to “Query and Physics”? Because this will ensure that the component can be queried by line traces

Besides, check if the Collision Response for the relevant channels is set to “Block” for your dynamically spawned mesh component. This will ensure that the line trace will be blocked by the mesh.

Here is what i’m doing:


Check if there is any issue in the Line Trace setup.

Because they are a similar case with as that the issue