Spawned Destructible sinks through landscape

Hi there,

I have a ball which is fired like say a cannon-ball, and on collision with anything else I have a blueprint which tells it to destroy the static mesh version of the ball and spawn a destructible version of it. On the whole it works great when hitting other static meshes and such, but when hitting the landscape/terrain, I would say 95/100 it will just start halfway sunk into the ladscape, then drop through it without exploding like it would if it hit something else.
I have tried lots of different things to remedy this but the solution eludes me.

Any ideas?

is the destructable mesh set to simulate physics, collision enabled?

Also, check if the spawn point isn´t to much down.

I’ve had issues simulating firing a projectile (cannon ball style) as well when it comes to the landscape, although I don’t turn it into a destructible. My issue was with the Event Hit and it’s “blast” radius. If I simulate the blast when it hit the landscape, there were several times that it wouldn’t work as expected.

My resolve was to add 20 cm on the Z axis to the impact location of the Hit Event and everything works smooth now. I suggest either doing something like this, start the switch to the destructible a few cm from the actual impact point, via the Event Hit node or you could set the collision sphere (or create one if you don’t have one and use this for your hit events) a little larger so it receives its Hit notify a little sooner or a combination of both.

Hope this helps!