Spawned cylinder won't work

So i have this cylinder, if i place it in the level ok it Works, but if i spawn it it won’t work.

Any idees help please.

// Description: This represents a debug test of a collision cylinder
class GOTAMP2CylActorTest extends actor

var() const  CylinderComponent CylinderComponent;

event postBeginPlay()
    bCollideAsEncroacher = false;


event Touch(Actor Other, PrimitiveComponent OtherComp, vector HitLocation, vector HitNormal)
    super.Touch( Other,  OtherComp,  HitLocation,  HitNormal);, "You have collided with a cylinder");

event tick(Float deltaTime)
DrawDebugString(self.location + vect(0,0,50) , bCollideActors@" The cylinder collide actors as encroacher "@bCollideAsEncroacher@" Colide actors of cylComponent "@CylinderComponent.CollideActors  );



    Begin Object Class=CylinderComponent Name=CylinderComp
    End Object
    Components.Add( CylinderComp )
    CylinderComponent = CylinderComp;



Ok after some long testing and all i finally came across the conclusion that if you want the collision to work you gota set the actor OWNED by a controller so, you gota spawn from pawn something like this.

TheCyl = spawn(class’GOTAMP2CylActorTest’,controller ,location+vect(100,0,50),ArchOfCollCyl);

:smiley: im so happy i fixed it, but idk it’s very weird.

I’m sure I warned you about this :smiley:

Somehow yes! But i think it was related with the newtworking :smiley:

ah yes that was just network.

about this issue, what did the log say? anything about bNoDelete?

Nothing at all! But i remember i didn’t have this issue in previous versions of unreal engine 3 i would just use cylinders for everthing and they weren’t owned by a controller.

But chosker help me with the fracture meshes you a pro with it. :wink: