Spawned Child Actor behaving different from original BP

I have a blueprint with a mesh moving along a spline. I added the spline first, then the sphere.

This blueprint is added as child component in my vehicle blueprint and spawned correctly.

The problem is that changes made to the spline don’t affect the spawned child actor.
Basically I dragged the first blueprint in the scene and modified the spline but the spawned child actor still follows the default spline.
What am I doing wrong?

it not exactly the answer to your question , but here is something i noticed :

Child actor component doesnt follow it’s parent transform “at all” . what i did to fix my problem was , i used an “Attach to” node in the construction script , to attach it to the parent’s socket that i wanted.

But even this doesnt work if the actor already exists in your level when begin play , this only works when you are spawning the actor during runtime .