Spawned Character cannot Jump

Hello, sorry for the dumb question, but I am quite new to Unreal. I spawned a character in my level blueprint using a SpawnActor node. I then try to make that character jump in quite a few different ways. Ultimately, I do not want the jump to be controlled by the player, but for testing purposes, I tried to use the G key as input. When that did not work, I tried to jump every time EventTick is called, but that did not work either. I haven’t been able to find a previous post that solves this, and I’m going crazy. Any help? (Can Jump is enabled by the way.)

In the picture of my blueprint, I know that EventTick is being called, as the print appears every frame. Similarly, I know that the G key was being accepted as input, although I did not include that in my picture. I’m just very confused how the below blueprint wouldn’t work. It’s as simple as it gets. Thanks.

Call Jump when you want the jump to begin (On G press)

Call StopJumping when you’re finished jumping (On G unpressed)