Spawned Actors Can't Receive Movement Input?

Can spawned Actors not receive Movement Input? I made a very simple actor blueprint, and a very simple spawner blueprint, (See Screenshots,) but when the actor is spawned it won’t move. It’s important to note, if I place the actor in the scene, it moves just fine by itself, but if it is spawned in, it won’t move at all. The spawner itself is just an icon, and has no collision, so the spawned actor, (FTCharacter_Old in this case,) isn’t running into anything. Its just sitting there, not doing anything at all. But when I place a blueprint of the actor into the gameworld manually, it works just fine. Any ideas why this might happen?

Actor Spawner:

Actor Being Spawned, (FTCharacter_Old):
alt text

I’m not sure, but I guess it’s possible that a Character cannot move without a Controller possessing it.

The fact that it works when placed in the level, but not when spawned makes me suspect that the setting for Auto Possess AI is wrong. In your Character’s Class Defaults, check whether Auto Possess AI is set to “Placed in World or Spawned”.


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Yes! Thank you. That’s it exactly. It was by default set to “Placed in World.” After I changed it to “Placed in World or Spawned” and recompiled, It immediately started moving. I didn’t even know this was a setting that existed. Thank you again, you have redeemed me of several hours of frustration. :slight_smile:

Help me a Looot :slight_smile:

Man that tip of Auto Possess Player: Player 0 instead of disabled saved me from insanity!! I even couldn’t debug the blueprint. Those settings solved my problem :slight_smile: