Spawned Actor/Emitter - Deactivation, Destroying OK, but stays in memory objects count!!!

How do I get a spawned Emitter/Actor out of memory and object count?

I can deactivate it and all works fine, but when I destroy it or auto destroy (loop, kill on complete ticked), it stays is the object count, i.e. the objects created by it.

Try yourself:

  1. migrate the black body emitter from the content examples to an empty project.
  2. set the spawning up, then spawn and destroy (see manual)
    ->>>it will not disappear in the object count (Editor preferences->misc->show fps and memory)

How to get rid of it???

I have a level that spawns a lot of emitters, and this is absolutely fine and works, but they are not disposed properly in object count. As a result a get a second log sudden freeze during the gameplay.

Hi PolyPlant, could you please also ask this question on AnswerHub?

This is the kind of question that would probably help other people, too, and questions like this would be archived there for future use, rather than get lost on page 37 of this forum. :slight_smile:

There are ~10 questions/min on answer hub…

I would rather have all the adult game heads at Epic move out of there mother’s home, get their own place, marry, get kids AND write a grown up documentation that is not outdated every .x version and that answers questions.
It is like they actually do not want people to make full games and throw in silly obstacles every two steps.

You will now definitely get a lot of support once you mocked everyone at Epic and alienated everyone else who would try to help. Good luck

Your are right, I will now get the same amount of questions answered as before.
But wait, I could as well look up the manual :wink: