Spawned actor doesnt have correct collision settings in packaged game

I have an actor that is suppose to have no collision when spawned and everything works as it is intended to when testing in the editor. However, when I package the game and test it on an android device the spawned actors now behave as if they have collision. I have a base actor blueprint that is the object in question and another actor blueprint that spawns 6 copies of the base blueprint in a horizontal line. When the base actor is placed in the level it works fine in both the editor and in the packaged version on android, but the spawned actors do not behave the same way and are inconsistent across both platforms. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Like I said, everything behaves as it is intended to do in the editor its when I package the game that the settings some how get messed up.

So I create a completely new blueprint from scratch with the exact same code as my previous base actor blueprint and replaced all instances of the previous base actor with the new one i just made and everything is now working correctly once again when testing a packaged build on android. I have no idea what caused this issue but I think I have resolved it for the time being.

I have the same problem after upgrading from 4.19.2 to 4.21.2. My spawned actors have all collision channel responses set to Block, no matter what the original is. Recreating the blueprint from scratch didn’t work in my case. So I added code to copy the original collision channel responses to the clone after spawning.