Spawned actor destroys itself while it not supposed to! :)

Here’s the problem: I created a proximity mine, that inflicts damage on EventActorBeginOverlap, (but only on AI, player can enter it’s collision box) destroys itself and spawns particle emmiter. It works just fine, when placed in world through editor. But. I want to give my character ability to place this mine via keybord key. When this button is pressed, particle emmiters immediately fires up, like if mine launched DestroyActor function, without damaging my character at least. Any ideas how to fix that? :slight_smile:

Screens from Mine and character BP’s:

begin play, set collision to no collision (disable). Set a timer. When timer expires “arm” the mine…enable the collision.

and if it doesn’t apply any damage then try setting DamageTypeClass to something

Well, now my mines are exploding with no one colliding with them after timer expires :slight_smile: I used “delay” function, maybe you had other in mind?

Something like the following… Make sure your proximity collision is only triggered by Pawns.

That seems to be working… To a degree :wink: Mine detonates only while colliding with enemy, but it’s not dealing any damage now.

Nothing after the Destroy node will get called, as it has been destroyed at that point, the dead don’t talk back… Put the destroy node at the very end of everything.

Yeah, it suppose to be obvious… But it’s not :slight_smile: With Destroy Actor function at the end, the whole thing stopped working. Mines are poping out where I’m placing them, but they’re just laying there, no kaboom for the enemies :wink:
Alrighty, I put DestroyActor back after ForEachLoop and I moved ApplyDamage before MultiSphereTrace and all seem to be working now :slight_smile:

FX would happen before multisphere trace. The trace is to determine who gets hit by the explosion.