Spawned Actor Collision issue

This one should be fairly simple,
but I can’t seem to figure it out.

So to keep things simple…
I have a blueprint which has a static mesh (with collision setup directly onto the static mesh) as a component as well as a trigger volume and behavior.
I also set the mesh’s collision within the Blueprint to “BlockAll”.
So… if I place an instance of the BP into the world/level and I play the same. My character collides and cannot walk through it.

And my problem arises in the following scenario…
The character can spawn objects and place them onto the map.
So a key is pressed and an object is placed in front of him. (an instance of the BP explained above)
The problem is that now, the player walks through it… what happens to the collision box?
I even tried to call the function : Set Actor Enable Collision : but that does not solve my problem.

Why is it that when I directly place an instance of the BP onto the map the collision is there,
but when the player dynamically spawns it in, the collision is no longer valid / present?

Thanks :3

Bump… still need help.

Hi ,

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