Spawned actor coliding wiith trigger volumes

Okay, so I have an actor that gets spawned into my level at random points during play. It spawns at a target point and then moves at a given speed across the x-axis. What I need to have happen is while the actor is moving across the screen, it will collide with various trigger volumes. Since the actor is spawned during play and not in the level, how do I reference it so that an event can occur when the spawned actor overlaps a trigger volume?

On your SpawnActorFromClass node you will receive an Actor Reference. This reference is your spawned actor.

Ok, I did that, but when I tested it, it is still not reading the overlap event. Do I have this set up properly?


What is the Collision Settings on your Trigger Volume?

I believe this is just the default settings. Untitled-1.jpg

I tried checking the simulation as well. Still not working.

Are you sure the Event isnt firing or its just not passing the Branch Node?

Make sure the reference to SpawnedActor isnt NULL.

I am using a print string to check when the spawned mesh overlaps the trigger volume. It is actually firing there. However, the spawned mesh still goes through my placed weapons on screen and projectiles are not colliding either.I tried opening a new project and copying its setting for projectiles, but that does seem to be working. The game I am making is a tower defense game, and the weapons are not player controlled. Meaning, the player places the weapons on screen and it auto-fires the projectiles at various objects (but not colliding with the other weapons placed).I am sure it is just a matter of finding the right collision settings for each item, but I am not sure which ones I should be using.

Does your actor have a collision primititve? Collision setting your showed are from your trigger volume, what are the setting on your actor?

The enemies are set to this:ef3762e04470c7760080134d23bd627a7878d91a.jpeg
The static weapons are set to this: StaticWeaponColision.jpg
And the projectiles are set to this: 3488b4456f6ebbd64e29a5887df930380f62eafe.jpeg