SpawnActor scaling issue


I’m trying to spawn an actor at a TargetPoint, which is triggering fine. The issue is that the spawned object is always at a scale of 0.35. I’ve broken down the transform I’m using to spawn it and sure enough the scale there is 0.35. However the scale of the TargetPoint is not 0.35, it is 1.0. Even if I check in the world outline whilst the spawning is going on the scale of the Target Point is 1.0, so it is not changing at runtime, it’s just supplying the wrong figure to the GetTransform call in the blueprint. I’m fairly new to Unreal so it’s probably something simple I’m overlooking, anyone have any ideas?

Why not just remove the scale pin? and manually set it to 1?

Yep, that was kind of my workaround to manually set the scale to 1, just wondered why it was happening as it seems a bit silly to use a TargetPoint but then have to manually set each property every time, might as well just manually build the transform.

I did notice it was getting the sprite component but couldn’t see anywhere to find the scale of that. Sorry I appreciate there is a simple solution to prevent this from happening, I’m just one of those people that always has to know ‘why’… :slight_smile:

Ahh, right, just looked again and if I get the actor transform it is scaled to 1 and all works correctly. Dunno how I got hold of the sprite component in the first place! Thanks for your help!