SpawnActor of child BP in GameMode cause properties to reset after closing the editor

I have a parent blueprint (character), and a child blueprint of said character. If I restart the editor nothing strange appens, but as soon as I spawn the child blueprint, at least once, from my gamemode, the next restart will have some child’s properties reset to zero (animation blueprint and transform to be precise).

I’m running UE 4.10.4

It used to work without this behavior, but then I made few blueprint name refactoring (with some delete of old files in the project folder) and the bug started presenting itself.
Any idea on how to fix this? (if it’s possible)

Hi Klawd3,

I haven’t seen this issue before, but if you have been deleting/moving assets in your project, you could try right-clicking the Content folder in the Content Browser window and choose ‘Fix Up Redirectors in Folder’. See if that makes a difference.

If not, do you know the exact repro steps to create this error in a new project?

‘Fix Up Redirectors in Folder’ seems to have solved the issue, cheers TJ. If you switch your comment to answer, I can mark it for you. Thanks again!

Awesome, glad it worked!

When I move it to an answer, it should auto accept.