Spawn widget on world space

Hi all, is there a way to spawn my widget blueprint in the world space instead of viewport?
i need this for my oculus dk2 :frowning:

I would like to know this too. Creating a class that has a widget won’t work because the property “Widget class” cannot be changed by blueprint, so we’d have to create one BP class for every widget class… would be easier if there was something ready, just choose the widget class, spawn transform, and done.

You can use Widget and WidgetInteraction Components fore this. There is two link for this in below.

TeslaDev- Video

Unreal - Document

I know, but that means creating one blueprint class per world widget you want. I want a generic spawnable actor that lets you put a widget component in it, i.e. a Spawn World Widget node with options to change the widget class and size.

That cannot be created because “Widget Class” is not exposed to blueprint graphs (to use in construction script or begin play).