Spawn Widget in world locations

I’m trying to build a tool similiar to matterport ( Multilevel Full Rehab - framing stage - 42 Summer Street ( )
where an user can measure the distance between two points of the point cloud.
How can I spawn the UI widgets (dots) on the point cloud? I’ve tried to create an actor with widget components (a crosshair), but nothing appears. Here’s a screenshot of the blueprint:

What can I do?
Thank you very much.

  • if this is my wDot widget:


  • providing you have the desired world locations:

The Widget Component will take care of the lifespan of the widget automagically, creating and destroying it as necessary. No need to create widgets manually unless you want each component to have a different widget.

Image from Gyazo

The above is in Screen Space. If you create them in world space:

They will scale with distance from the camera but you’ll need to rotate them manually.

but nothing appears

They may be simply facing away from the camera.

Solved, thank you very much.

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