Spawn weapon in hands after picking up

I’m trting to create a game, where player can throw weapon and than pick it up. And it monentally will spawn in his hand. I have some function, which checks, holds player weapon weapon or not. If not, he can throw it away. But I have a little prolbem. When my character overlaping weapon, variable hasWeapon setting to true, but I dont know how to spawn weapon into the hands of my hero. How to do this?

Hello. if variable has weapon is set to true , then you should spawn an actor from a class and attach to component. you also need to create sockets for point of attachment of the weapon. don’t forget to properly setup the socket in the characters skeleton tab. hope this helps ?

But where I should swapn an actor from a class? In my weapon onbject or hero object? If in Hero, then how I should check has weapon war?

I’ve settet up sometging (look to the attachments), but got a error “Invalid Simulate Options: Body (Weapon_2.GunMesh SK_FPGun) is set to simulate physics but Collision Enabled is incompatible”. Gun mesh collision - overlapp all, generate overlap enents true

in hero object

okay. i will try and code the system now and i will send you my screenshots when i am done. thanks.

Hello. This is the way i will set it up. Hope this helps ? (check the screenshots)

Many thanks, You saved me from falling into an abyss of despair and self-insignificance