Spawn UMG and move to another UMG

What is the best way to spawn A UMG and move to another UMG at top of the screen?

Are you asking how to add a UMG to screen and add it to another existing UMG?

you’re probably looking at animating the UMG then.
Add a new animation (+Animation). Then select the object to animate by clicking +Add. Set your keyframes (your animation)

You should now have a widget animation variable in your event graph. Use that to play animation. I did it on event construct but you can obviously start it when you want.

This should get you started relatively well

Thanks I’ll try this when I get home from work

Dont forget to mark this as resolved! :slight_smile:

No i have it spawing at a Actor ingame and then wanting it to move up to the top of the screen to where there is another umg where it will then be removed
Like how it is in this game

Not quite what i had in mined but i can work with it thank you!