Spawn Trees randomly over a landscape.

Hi All,

This is my first post, and I’m also new to Unreal.

I’m developing a project, where I want trees and other objects to spawn on a landscape as the camera travels around.

Here is a video of the level I made already to give you an idea of my scene.

I want to spawn objects randomly on the ground and also disappear as the camera moves around the scene.

If anyone has any links to tutorials or docs, to help me get started that would be great.

thank you

Look at the Documentation for “Procedural Foliage Volume”. That sounds very much what you’re looking for. Although, due to them making use of hardware instancing they won’t be affected by occlusion culling. (Which is the term used for when the engine stops rendering whatever isn’t visible to the camera.) But that’s okay, because the performance savings of using hardware instancing will be more beneficial than if they were to be culled anyway.

As long as you set up the LODs wisely, you’ll be perfectly fine

Hardware instancing does not prevent occlusion queries completely. They are just batched.

Thanks for the info! I’ll try this!