Spawn StaticMeshActors from Object Libraries

I have found snippets of answers everywhere on google but nothing really comes up concise.

I have the following problem I want to solve and use.

I have created a Object Library that will contains x amount of objects (Static Meshes I import like baskets, or props, or anything that has a static mesh that you can spawn). By default, this array will have nothing. I want to load this Object Library by utilizing the


and grab all static meshes and place it into the library. (I think this is already done in my code?) (Example:

myObjectLibrary->LoadAssetsFromPath("StaticMesh' /Game/Models/'");


The goal is to have all these static mesh actors pre loaded in the game so I can call when to spawn in a blueprint (or code) in specific areas of the game may it be 1 or 10 in a certain area.

This is where I start to scratch my head on how to spawn these objects and if the above method is even correct.

I the BeginPlay() function, I have:


// Testing if it got the item
UStaticMesh* tempSM = SMS_Objects[0];

// Error here saying Error    C2664    'T *UWorld::SpawnActor<UStaticMesh>(UClass *,const FTransform &,const FActorSpawnParameters &)': cannot convert argument 1 from 'UStaticMesh *' to 'const FVector &' 

GetWorld()->SPawnActor<UStaticMesh>(tempSM, FVector(0, 0, 600), FRotator(0, 0, 0));

In the myObjectLibrary.h class, I have property of

UStaticMeshComponent* myMesh;


UObjectLibrary* myObjectLibrary;

In the .cpp in the constructor, i have the Construction helper and the CreateDefaultSubobject for the root scene component and the mesh where


Please help me on how to load all these objects into the library and using blueprints to call a matching static mesh actor(s) to spawn in specific locations in the world.