Spawn skeletal meshes with SpawnActor does not work.

I have am using the default fps starter project.

I have downloaded some content (skeletal meshes) of knights.

Evereytime eventtick takes place i want to spawn a knight on the screen.

I try to use SpawnActor but i can’t figure out wich class to choose.

Not entirely sure ( never use SK ), but you might do it like this:

Spawning one every tick though is a bad idea :slight_smile:

You know that will be 120 meshes per second?

Create a new actor class. Add a skeletal mesh component to it. Select the component and in the details panel change the mesh to your knight.

Spawn actor (your new actor) … done.

I wouldn’t use tick event to spawn your knights, unless you want thousands of them in a very short period of time. I’d use Set timer by Event (looping).