Spawn simple enemies in Endless Runner game?


I’m following the tutorial on how to make an Endless Runner-type game in UE4 with blueprints.

I’m trying to spawn basic enemy AI that just moves to the player’s location, but I can’t seem to get the nav mesh to work in a blueprint. How would I go about spawning enemies in each bp?

My Infinite runner game uses the same kind of logic to spawn boosts , slow-mo’s and bombs on each tile: On the construction script, choose what you want to spawn (in order not to get the tile too chaotic) - for example bombs only , some powerups , some powerups with a bomb etc. Then get a random point inside a bounding box (there’s a method for that) and spawn stuff. TIP: You can get more than 1 bounding box.

I’m also interested in endless runner AIs. In my case, I want allied motor bikes to follow the player, perhaps pull ahead every now and then. Anyone else looking at this kind of AI?

I have also created different kind of AI but the real problem i am having is the navmesh to trigger the AI logic . . stuck forever in this problem . . :frowning: . .

I also have enemies in my endless runner template. I manage them with trigger boxes.

Have a look at it:

Add Navigation invoker to the tiles.
note that nvigation invokers need some setup you can find a tutorial on youtube on how to set them up