Spawn Restriction Info for Titanosaur

Hi everyone,

Just thought I’d share this info with you all.

Found where the spawn restrictions on Titanosaur are applied.

Applied to NPCZoneManagerBlueprint_Land_18 on theisland within PersistentGameplaySublevel_DinoSpawns. Min and Max number of spawners is set to 3.
NPCZoneVolume_29 then covers the whole island, and is set to count wild and tamed dinos. Hence the 3 server limit.

Just in case someone want to break their server.

Now if you can tell me where in the… the restrictions on feeding Titanosaur are kept that would be awesome, I already have a mod set up is 90% done, with Titanosaur eggs and fertilized Titanosaur eggs but something is keeping me from feeding and leveling up the dino, even after I changed those settings in the dino Blueprint and dino character status bp :confused:

Did you notice the Bronto folder is gone now?

The info about feeding and level up, should be in the character bp in the titan folder and the bronto folder is not gone, the bronto is called sauropod in the dev kit.

Nevermind, made the changes and my mod is running now ^^