Spawn Projectile on Attached Weapon Actor?

So I have On begin play attached my weapon to my character… During testing, I had a linetrace going from my characters head and also that’s where the projectile spawns from , on the hit location of that linetrace that is where the crosshair is also.

My problem is, I’m unable to get the projectile to fire from the weapon socket, or even the line trace (I replaced the= get socket location :target is character: …to= Get socket location, target is :Scene Component:)

I’m unable to fire or see the line trace and I get an error that says:

Error Accessed None ‘Pistol’ from node Construction Script in blueprint ThirdPersonCharacter
Error Accessed None from node Construction Script in blueprint ThirdPersonCharacter

I made a variable Called Pistol that is linked to my Pistol actor… Is there something I should do in the construct script too?

I can post pictures if you need.
Thanks as always :slight_smile:

I could be wrong, but are you referencing the gun before it is spawned?

Just a thought


Hmm, well the Spawn of the Pistol is on Even begin play. And the rest of the projectile stuff is on Event tick. Is this what you mean?


Could you post some pics of script to look at?


(Not sure why Ive got the current connected sock locations different, they where both originally target is character, both seem to work though. but as you can see, the red highlighted nodes are the ones im trying to use


Can you do the linetrace from the “Muzzel” socket for testing?


That’s what I tried, replacing the character referenced get socket location with the pistols and it wont work :confused: so confusing, I’m thinking im calling the pistol reference incorrectly if its not doing anything?


Print string the location of socket?


Ok, will do tommorow. Thanks so far! … Not been a good day today… Pc messed up, had to reformat thus losing my whole game progress :frowning: … That will teach me for not backing up!
Til tomorrow!