Spawn player with default pawn before match start (not spectator)

Greetings. I am working on a timed puzzle game. I want the player to be able to look over the puzzle before starting. So I’ve overloaded ReadyToStartMatch to return true after the player has clicked on something. The problem I’m having is that if the match hasn’t started yet the player is in spectator mode. How can I get the player to spawn using the default pawn instead of a spectator pawn before the match begins?


When the match starts, should the player keep his pawn that was spawned before? In that case I would not make use of the ReadyToStartMatch mechanism and do your own match start logic. For example, the match starts right away (so the default pawn is spawned, not the spectator pawn) and you just keep players within the spawn area by having a blocking volume until match starts.

You could also consider making the spectator pawn class the same as the regular pawn class in your game mode settings. The player might respawn as the same pawn though when match starts, I’m not sure about this.

Thanks for the reply. Found basically the same answer just before you replied. I noticed that the Platformer example project made use of a GameState on top of the MatchState. I decided to try this myself. So now my pawn spawns immediately and I don’t set the GameState to Playing until the player clicks. Works beautifully.