Spawn Pawn in Level (Blueprints)


I searched only for a solution but all of them where with the pawn already in the level from the start.
I have a level and 5 pawns and depending on what button you press before you enter the level from the main menu you get the option to play with one of the 5. How can I spawn the pawn in level because I don’t want all of them to be present and just change which one is possessed.

With actor i do it something like:

Event Begin Play - Branch ( Condition “Something” True) - Spawn Actor from Class

Thank you

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Yeah, Unreal Needs To Make Things Clear, Like Wtf, How Do I Change Characters, Ineast NO, Their Too “Busy” Making The Engine A Better Experience For The “Movie” People, I AUGGHTA

Try This: Spawn and Possess Pawn posted by anonymous | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

So I Dragged The Player Start From The Level, Make Sure You Add From The “Place Actors” Place And Delete The One That Is Network Oriented, And Just Grab The Player Start From World Outliner And Drag Into The BP You Want Then Get Its Transform Then Use For The Spawning, WORKS!, I Can Now Use Multiple Characters And Spawn In Each Level The Character That Has Been Saved To The System