Spawn particles on key press

As the title says.
I want the particles i made to spawn when i press “E” could i get some help, im pretty new to ue4

the function you search is probably “spawn emitter on location”. connect it to your Input Event “E” and give it the location you want it to be spawned.

i did this in the level blueprint, and it does not work obv. Im not sure how to set up this, i dont want it to explode before i press E

Your BP is actually :
“When I press [E], active an explosion at the position of my map” (no sense!)

The node GetWorldLocation without pin on the left say that. (cause *self *here is the map)

You need to put an actor on your scene (a TargetPoint I think) and use the reference of this target.
(select it on the editor and go to the mapBP , rightclick and ref it).

Second method is :
Place the emmiter on your scene, uncheck the “autoActivate” box , ref it (like previously for the target) on your mapBP and use the “Activate” method


thanks alot for the help! i made it work out now :smiley: