Spawn particle on the ground only

Hello, is there a way to “snap” the line trace or whatever is going to be used for the particle’s location to the ground? I need to spawn a particle that needs to have a ground under it, it always need to spawn only on the ground, please halp!

The “Line Trace” output can provide you with the ground impact point location. Can’t you use this vector?

Hi, thanks for your reply. Do you mean out hit impact point? It hooked it up into the spawn emitter attached, it doesn’t attach it to the ground, not sure what I have to do, please halp

Why are you using “Spawn Emitter Attached”? Why not using “Spawn Emitter at Location”? Is the ground moving?

I need to be able to choose the emitters location along x-y axis. On left button hold, I spawn emitter and see it, I can move it around while holding the left mouse button but it won’t be on the ground.
When I release the button, some another emitter gets spawned on its place dealing damage and exploding.