Spawn on Specific PlayerStart (Multiplayer)

I’ve currently got a full Steam based multiplayer project where you can choose from 8 characters and spawn in random locations, based from the Epic video tutorial.

I have scoured the forums and places for more info on specific spawn locations/playerstarts but not finding anything which I think suits my needs hence this pos.

I am trying to achieve a grid based system for spawn points as I have * PlayerStarts1-8 and I’d like each player to spawn as a specified PlayerStart1-8

The blueprint image below shows a working system for “Random” spawn points but I’d really like to specifiy where the player spawns, I’ve looked at Player Tags etc. but again can’t seem to get my head around this so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I was really hoping somebody would have some options for me to test here?

Anybody please ?

Let me see if i understand.

you want to setup spawn points around the map and you want a specific player to end up at a specified spawn point ?

Example : Player one always spawns at player one start player two always spawns at player 2 start and so on…

If this is the case you are half way there.

you have the spawn points and tags setup already so the only thing you really need to do is compare the connecting player to the spawn point and if Player 1 && Spawn point 1 then spawn.

so I would get all of class Player start and then do a for each loop comparing the tag # with the player number and off the true of that branch go ahead and spawn them in. Give me A min And ill whipp up a visual example for ya.

Something Like this. This shows what i was trying to tell you above it is from a game i made last year.

Hi Exonfluxx,

Very much appreciate your time here and input however I have a small issue.

I’m using wheeled vehicle class so when I try to add the “PlayerStartTag” it does not allow me to connect up due to the error of “Wheels Vehicle Object Reference is not compatible with Player Start Object Reference” ?

Any ideas how I would go about this.



Sorry about the delay.

I never really worked with Wheeled Vehicles much but I would assume that making an actor with a variable that has a number in it would just as well for a player start position. You really only need the location and Id Number of where to start nothing more.

Make a new empty blueprint actor call it " Spawn Point " then add a int variable call it " Point Number " make it instance editable and exposed on spawn. then drag it onto your map where you want a vehicle to spawn and change the number to the player # you want to associate with it. drag out another copy of the newly made blueprint actor again and repeat. then instead of get all actors of class " Player Start " change it to " Spawn point " and in the loop get the Point Number and compare that to your player Number.

If you need a visual let me know. I will be watching my emails for the day.

HI, A visual would be great mate as it sounds like it would do the trick. Bare in mind the image I posted in the first pic is how my current random spawns work so will need to add it to that section which may get confusing?

Give me a min ill whipp up a example using the default car project for ya.

Here ya go.

Hope this gives you the idea

Look at the level blueprint.

I made 4 players and then spawned them at there perspective locations using my Spawn Point Actor.

Its a quick workup to give you a better idea of what I am talking about . you’ll have to adapt it to your game.

Let me Know if you have further questions.


Thank You Exon - I will take a look at this asap and let you know.

Appreciate your assistance as over recent times it seems more difficult to be pointed in the right direction.

Thanks again - I’ll be in touch for sure :wink:

Hi Again :), Well I think I may not have explained my current game set-up properly hence the confusion and me probably not pointing out the way it currently works.

Your example = I can see perfectly what is happening and how the players are spawning to their corresponding Player Spawns but with my set-up I think been as it’s multiplayer things are a little more confusing so I will try my best to explain what is happening with my current BP’s and hope that you can assist in adding what you have done into what I have done (confusing already).

So… my game template online (Steam) is based on the Mutliplayer Tutorial from Epic (Wes) I converted this from characters to vehicles (mission) and currently it is working to the state below.

1.Host Game/Join Game
2.Each Client has a Vehicle Selection Screen (8 vehicles) each with a Vehicle ID (shown in image).
3.Host selects Map (where I have my spawn points(playerstarts)
4.The Clients Vehicles which are chosen on the Vehicle Selection Screen then spawn at random locations of 1-8 in the chosen Map @ (Playerstarts) and purely at random.

I think my issue is trying to get the corresponding Vehicle ID or PlayerID (not sure when looking at your example) and making the “Selected Vehicle” Spawn at the matching SpawnPoint.

I’d like it as simple as 1-8 on Vehicle Selection Screen matches 1-8 SpawnPoints on Map, then my theory was once that is working I can then work on other logic of spawning on a grid or reverse order etc.

Sorry for the confusion and I really appreciate your time here 100%, hope you can enlighten me into moving me forward with this project as it’s a huge stumbling block for me at present.

Thanks again and looking forward to any further input from you.

Ok so first thing break your transform and only use location and rotation otherwise your cars may end up all deformed.

Other then that I see no issue here at all. the logic is sound I see you are setting a random spawn of 8 … this all looks good other then you possibly having a squashed vehicle.

Are other players not seeing the change ? cause I can see that might be an issue if you are replicating.

Are the controllers not possessing ?

Are the wrong controllers possessing ?

When you re spawn its not holding over the changed car ?

Let me know ill be watching.

If you’d like you can send me the project and ill try and solve it for you.

Let me Know.

You got an email/skype or Discord I can contact you on for sending project?

Hi Exon,

Thank you so much for your support on this, it’s been fantastic and also I have gained great knowledge on what i was trying to achieve after you showed me the correct method.

Really appreciate and your help has been invaluable.