Spawn on client

Hi all…
I created this player controller Actor that come spawned both server and client:
Now this is my BP of the game mode for spawn an actor when i click a button.
Why i can spawn only on the server!? The player controll should not replicate my spawn?

Because only server has the game, think about clients as just cameras with player input. Everything (game important) happens on server and spawns on server, dies on server, then all that is replicated down to minions (ie. clients)

But i spawned using a RPC and passing yhe player controll that ask to spawn that character. How i have to do?

Please can someone helps me?

Google can help you , watch some multiplayer tuts. You are not getting basic multiplayer concepts, so watch tutorials.

I read a lot of it and i created a system like that with steam of Wes. Infact i owe a lot to Wes. But now why i had whis problem? Ater all i m telling to server to spawn that player and i m passing my information of the player. So why it work only on the server?

It sounds like the server isn’t telling the client what to do.

Why? i setted in the world the player controller and the game mode… Where i wronged?

Please help me

What i wrong?

Please can someone help me?

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Because gamemode doesn’t exist on the client. You need to make an RPC inside your player controller before you cast to gamemode. As others have mentioned, you need get the basic multiplayer concepts down first.