Spawn objects

Hi i made a BP that allow me to spawn onjects in random place.
[Test Video][1]

but,i need that spheres to fly in one direction, and one after another in delay of 15-20 sec. and it need to be “Physics” on, so that’s why i can’t do that with matinee ( or i can? ) please help me, maybe with Target point, or something else. i need HELP. Here is BP:

figured it out with counting BP, but i still need something like cannon that shot the ball in same way(direction) , here is present BP:

Unless I misunderstand your needs, you can just simply use the “Add impulse” node to give a physics force.

Calculate the direction you want the cow to fly, multiply by a magnitude, then input it to the Add Impulse node.

Hope that Helps =)

yes, i add the force node for the mesh object, and it works.