Spawn object creating random floating actor

Hi guys i have a spawner object that creates objects in my scene at random Locations based on arrow components locations within the bp. This all works perfectly fine.Except The object always without fail also creates one of the objects floating in space right in front of my player . My bp is very simple .It works by picking random integer in range 1-22 And then checking against a list which number was chosen .This then spawns an object at the corresponding spawn location arrow. The spawner object constantly moves forward creating obstacles in front of the player…Hopefuly that made sense .My problem as i mentioned is the rogue object that always spawns in mid air in front of the player…It is also not always the first to spawn

(SOLVED) sorry guys please delete this post .I had simply missed a location pin on one of the spawning objects

Good lord, that screenshot. I would suggest looking for a more elegant solution - blueprints like that are tedious to create and maintain.

There’s a few ways you could go about simplifying this. I might add all those arrow components into an array. This way, each one of your random ints corresponds to an index into the array. You can get your int, then do a Get on the array passing the int in as the index. Now you have your arrow where you can do whatever with the location and pass it into the spawn. It would reduce the size of this DRAMATICALLY.

Please post a higher res screenshot and someone will post a way to do it in 10% the size or less!

hello Jamesplayzstuff … i dont see you photo but i can offer you my blueprint for spawning in random point of a collision box … you can change and modify to get best result

there is tow box … i put the “box” in alley and “SpawnVolume” is in street … so when character begin overlap this “box” my zombie spawn in “SpawnVolume” and user dont see any thing when my zombie drop down to ground :wink: