Spawn NPC/IA on Randomized Dungeon System

Hi, I already tried to find help on the designer of the System post : Randomized Dungeon System - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

I’m trying to spawn an IA/NPC zombie-like who follows the main character.

1st of all, this IA works if spawned out of the Randomized System, but not in, and my question is , will I be able to do what i’m trying to do somehow?


Not quite sure if that’s the issue but could you try to spawn your default AI controller on event begin play?

It might not do that properly when spawned in through the system which will resolve in a character with no logic who will therefore not move.

Thanks for your answer, this is actually my simple blueprint on the zombie :

(I have the interface in spanish)
“OnHearNoise” It’s still not implemented.

I’m doing something wrong fore sure, i can’t beliebe that this works everywhere, except when spawned by this System.