Spawn new enemy after enemy dies?

IF a kind soul could help me out. I already have a basic AI. The enemy spawns and kills the player. I would like the enemy to spawn a new enemy after it dies. any help is appreciated.

Hey Dasnico,

In order to respawn an enemy after it’s been killed, you’re going to need to set up a similar blueprint for respawning your character and possibly put it on a delay, so you don’t have the enemy spawn instantly (unless that’s what you want). We have some great documentation on how to respawn a player. Unfortunately, the information isn’t directed towards teaching you how to spawn AI however, it should be similar enough to get set up.

  • [Unreal Engine | How to Respawn a Player in Blueprints][1]
  • [ | Unreal Engine 4 Setting up Respawn & Checkpoints][2]
  • [AnswerHub | Repsawn a player with AI, Destory & Repeat][3]

Hopefully these links to additional documentation will help you achieve a spawn point for your AI. If you get to a point in your blueprint where you’re stuck, please provide as many details and screenshots as possible so that we can recreate what you’re trying to do in order to better assist you.

[2]: https://www./watch?v=BD-QTsMtxno
[3]: Respawn a player with AI, Destroy,repeat - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thank you very much!! I will look into it!

Appreciate your time!