Spawn new actor inventory issue

Anyone experienced any issues with spawning actors and adding inventory items?

I’m spawning a new campfire in place of the existing one and taking it’s inventory and spawning that into the new campfire inventory

That part works but you cannot drag items out of the inventory itself anymore they go into the player inventory but it does not update the inventory component

  • The logic above runs with a Switch has Authority, I did add a Force Net Update in there but it didn’t change anything
  • Issue is still there once re-opening inventory apart from that instead of 14 being there there is only 1
  • You still can’t remove it
  • New campfire is a child of the original with some logic to change the default inventory items (also tried copying the Campfire too)

Here’s the full logic to spawn and destroy the

Is there a reason you don’t just use default items for the campfire inventory file?

Do you want it to always be spawned inside?
Do you want every player able to get them?
Do you want them to be able to remove them easily?

Default item -> item class
Default Engram -> 0 (spawn item/show bp|engram without learning, when recipe set to bp|engram)

It’s because the campfire is spawned in-place of an existing one where the current inventory items are then transferred to the new one and the old structure destroyed.

The issue has been resolved however, I completely overlooked the altering of the array directly - which you can’t do if you want things to work - while helping with other issues that Chi was experiencing and he realised this particular error shortly after.


Yea after a long time trying to figure it out it was as simple as not adding to the “inventory Items” and just using “BPIncrement Item Template Quantity”