Spawn meshes along spline, but skewed instead of rotated

So I’m wondering how and if I can achieve this:

As my BEAUTIFUL drawing hints at, I want to spawn meshes along a spline (I know how to do that), but I’d like their end points to remain fixed rather than being rotated when the spline curves. Anyone have any ideas?

You can use SplineMesh instead of StaticMesh , Here is a Test project , it may help you to see clear

Did you ever find a solution for this? I’m trying to do the same thing. I can’t find a way of skewing the mesh so that the start and end of each mesh is parallel.

When Dealing with attaching meshes to a spline which you drag out. I think the spline code has to adjusted. Personally I think the spline should just behave like the Array Modifier does and just cut and just paste a copy of the mesh instead of trying to work out all the points of the mesh to do the spline. But with more complex meshes, it just seems to turn to soup it don’t work for every mesh and might depend on how many corners it has, so it looks like you might have to adjust the spline code.