Spawn from the sky, why?


our games has 2 teams and 5 spawn pads. For unknown reason it seems that 2 players are spawning from the sky, not matter where are the spawn pads. Nothing blocking the spawning, but when the game launches in the editor mode to game mode they are appearing in the sky.

any ideas?

Is it 5 spawn pads total? (Team 1, 2 pads; Team 2, 3 pads for example) or 10 pads, 5 for each team?

Be sure that players are assigned to the correct teams / island settings has teams set to split evenly so you don’t end up with 5 people on team 1 when there might only be 3 pads for the team, causing 2 people to sky dive in.

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Maybe that’s the 0.0.0 location on the map? So they do not get the correct location coordinates to spawn at the specific one you want them to spawn. You could check if this is the case maybe…

You’re often better off placing the spawns a tiny bit above the floor, instead of using the 0,0,0 parameters. Never noticed you sink an inch on a respawn in a shooter? That’s so that you don’t sink into the floor. The difference can be minimal, 0,0001, but just that bit should help a whole lot.

Do you by chance have different classes set up and one class does not have a correct spawn pad assaigned to that class or the pad is not set to on game start? If so maybe delete the spawn pad and create a new one. Sounds like it can not find the correct spawn location or something is blocking that location. Possibly a duplicate pad ontop of one another and you didnt notice it.