Spawn from my inventary

I do a basic inventory system with a menu.
I save my inventary in a a var actor.

Now i want spawn for drop, or attach my objects, i try “Get Class” for “Spawn Actor From Class” but Get Class return Class Object not Class Actor.

how can i got the class actor from my actor array?

i remember i have “cast to actor” if i use variable>object but if i use variable->actor? i must use variable->object?

another questions its, i want add few hit boxes, its possible see that boxes for debug?

ouch! i can asnwerd my first question.
get->var->get class-> cast to actor->spawn…


hey. i got another problem.

i can drop weapons selecting from my inventory.

now i want equip the weapon, what i thinks it:

first spawn the selected item and then attach but i can’t attach with gravity/physics and i can’t (or not known how) disable gravity on the spawned object.

Any ideas how? or another way of do this.

i try for two hours… unsuccessfully :frowning:

Set up a socket on your skeletal mesh’s hand and then you can attach the weapon as a component :slight_smile:

i have the socket the problem its i can’t attach without disable physics, the gun or object fall to the floor :frowning: