Spawn failed and event destroyed


If you spawn something and indicate “Try to adjust location but don’t spawn if still colliding” if the spawn fails due to collision the actor’s event destroyed is called, however its Begin Play is not called, I thought that the actor would not get spawned at all however that’s not the issue here, do you guys think that the event destroyed should be called if the spawn is failed ?

I was working on a spawner when the treasure box actor is destroyed I spawn another BP spawner that handles spawning the treasure box back after a delay, I use the event destroyed of the destroyed treasure box to spawn the spawner, if you do it this way you’ll keep spawning your spawner continuously as the spawn fails another event destroyed is trigged of the failed treasure box and you have another spawner spawned, so in order to avoid this you have to check if the begin play of your treasure box has been called or not.

Do you guys think this should be this way, or am I missing something ?

Thanks for reading, Cheers.

Hi @Kaidoom15
I am not sure: i think that the “Dont spawn if still colliding” will not spawn the actor, so there will be no destruction event !

By the way i think you should make the spawner-Manager the main actor!
He should exist always and receive the event-destruction of a treasurebox.
to decide when / where / and what kind of treasure box respawn.

You may want to have multiple things spawned and keeping track of them using the previous sistem will be messy!


Thank for replying, unfortunately the destruction event is called if the spawn fails you can try it.

Thank you for the suggestion about the spawner.