Spawn Emitter at Location Problem

Hi Guys,
I have an object that is moving around (animated using blueprints).
When the character hits the object, it should create an explosion.
The above is the setup im using, but it doesn’t work.

P.S. I do get the “CubeHit” Print, but it seems like it doesn’t find the location of my character.
Am I doing something wrong?


You are not casting anything to the Char_BP_CharX8 … if you did a Print String on the Cast Failed you would see that.

You need to provide the Cast To node something that it should take and cast to … it is weird because you must have had it wired up before as it has some cached information.

Sorry I’m new to all this. Can you elaborate please?

Your Cast To node is broken: Casting


Thank you!

Did it work? 8-}

Actually, you wouldnt even need the cast, its enough to get the actor location directly from “Other Actor” :slight_smile: