Spawn emitter at location not working

Hi. I am a total Noob game art student and not very good at Unreal. I am trying to make a simple animation for an assignment but I am getting stuck. I am trying to spawn a particle emitter on the muzzle of a pistol. So that when I hit a keyboard button the particles will play like gun fire. My instructor gave me a screenshot of his blueprint to follow, then disappeared to work on his car and never came back. I don’t need it game ready. I just need it to work long enough to get a video and submit it. I am using Spawn Emitter at Location. I will attach a screenshot of my blueprint. I am trying to figure out why it will not play. Please let me know whatever else I can provide.

Don’t do it on tick, try like this:

Also, make sure the blueprint is ready for input:

Thanks. That works perfectly. It turns out the original issue was that I was putting the object into the world, not the blueprint. Once I put the blueprint into the world the original way worked. However your way is much easier and works perfectly. Thanks for the answer.