Spawn Emitter at Location (Destroy)

I have an actor, and when a collision mesh hits them they vanish. I would like a particle system (spawn emitter at location) to play once and then disappear. (Auto destroy does not work in BP nor does kill on completed (in the particle system) how does this look on blueprint?

enemy kill = destroy = particle system appears = particle destroy?

You should set this up in the particle itself. Make it loop just once (instead of the default which is infinite). I believe it’s in Required section:
Required->Duration and the set Emitter loops to 1 instead of 0.

Why are you saying it doesn’t destroy itself after completion? How are you checking that?

But if you insist, here it’s:

Just change the delay time to whathever is required for the particle system to complete.

if i set the loop to just once it auto destroys?