Spawn dino from weapon impact


I am looking for a way to spawn dino from the inventory (if possible as projectile or the like, at worst like a structure)

Anyone has already tried stuff like these?

PS : i think i have to do a new impact blueprint and add some actor spawn and spawn my dino there. I will try that (i am actually on “hollidays” and have an internet speed f 20 KB average -_-)

try asking kana-ark modder, he have arrow that spawn spider :smiley:

i managed to do a grenade that spawns dodo on impact :open_mouth: (does his arrow spawn spider that are already tamed ?), makes me want to do a pokemon mod xD

as for my question : you have weapon impact files you can customize (they are used by the weapons or the projectiles) , you need to add spawn actors to them.

this might help u

Well it helped me spawn them right, but i can’t find a way to set ownership in the graph :confused:

The ownership is going to be very tricky to do I think (I might be over thinking it though). Maybe you could cast it to player pawn, and use a pre-existing tame variable or something to specify the ownership? Not entirely sure, because I don’t think that would work properly on a server due to the I think the fact player pawns get assigned to an array table to keep track of each individual one (could be mistaken). I’d need to dig into the new ADK for a while and see what is accessible to give you a better answer on this.

Worst thing is i am stuck without internet for a while and i have the old steam devkit :confused: