Spawn different pawn depending on the level from the same game mode?

i want to spawn a different pawn depending on the level I have, using the same game mode, how do I do that? when I change the default pawn from world settings it changes for the entire game which I don’t want.

In your viewport, select your pawn, go to it details and set it to Player 0, where 0 represent the playable char when hit play.

that fixed it thanks.

I’ve one more problem with my ai which is unrelated to the topic but i don’t wanna create a new topic for this.

i just learned about level streaming and it’s power so I went ahead and put some of my map inside sublevels to make my game more efficient but this somehow broke my ai and right now the ai can no longer walk around. why is that? the behavior tree is working correctly but the ai is just stuck in it’s place.

well it kinda hard to tell where to troubleshoot but my guess it that you should double check your Nav Mesh Bounds Volume position/size in your viewport. (it can be called differently if u used other example project) but for me i used this one:

when i don’t stream the sublevel it’s fine. it looks like streaming breaks nav mesh somehow.