Spawn crouched in a tight space (capsule half height set to 'crouched' value)?

Hi, I’m trying to set up a player spawn where the character spawns crouched in a tight space (eg: in an air duct).

My only working solution is setting player’s capsule half height to crouched height in the blueprint details panel. Setting it OnBeginPlay in the player BP does not work (doesn’t spawn). I can do the inverse and set the capsule to crouch height by default, then set it to standing height OnBeginPlay. This is not ideal though, wondering if I am missing something?

I did try playing with the Spawn Collisions Method (always spawn, ignore collisions), but it appears to have no effect.

So my hacked solution is problematic (of course) as the Character Movement Component thinks that the initial compressed height of my capsule is my standing height - which messes with CMC crouching. Just bumping this post because I’m really confused as to how to solve this problem. There must be real world use cases where the player needs to spawn crouched? Bumpity bump?

On spawn try doing a capsule cast to test if something is above the character, if the hit returns true then set the character to crouch.

Thanks, yes I tried that - with Spawn Collision Handling Method on the Player Start to Always Spawn, Ignore Collisions - but it still doesn’t work (does not spawn the character). I have now tried disabling collision on objects above the spawnpoint on level load - then enable it immediately (after crouch is executed). From my testing it really seems that I can’t get around the player always spawning at full height and collisions being triggered - but if this works it works.