Spawn Cascade Particle Effect Before Lifetime Ends

I am making a clicker game, and would like to spawn a particle system every time the box (the actor that is clicked) is clicked. This works perfectly well with Niagara, but I cannot get Niagara to run on mobile. Because of this, I have been trying to use Cascade, which does work on mobile. The issue is that the particle system does not spawn again until the lifetime is over, even when clicking the box multiple times. How would I go about either: 1) getting Niagara to work on mobile, or, 2) getting the Cascade system to spawn numerous times, even if the lifetime has not ended.

Here are some screenshots of the necessary components to this issue:

Click Actor (where system is called): Screenshot - 6b55141eb064a74ed39013d079978a43 - Gyazo

I can provide screenshots of the particle system if needed. Let me know if you would like to see a specific portion of it.

The problem in action: Screen capture - c986ff7d0e0c6f6526aad3e2fdc64816 - Gyazo