Spawn camera problem with certain meshes

Not sure what happened, but when I have Actor class spawned using static mesh, it won’t show me the player camera for certain meshes - eg. default epic ball. When I click play, I see some arbitrary location on the map miles away from the player. For other meshes it spawns correctly and I see rendered BP player camera, as I would expect.
I thought when i spawn pawn , attached pawn camera would be used.

The question is how can specific mesh has any influence on this?

When I start simulation I can see player BP is spawned correctly, but play button does not use player camera IF there is some specific mesh used. For other static meshes it works percectly… I can confirm it’s not showing the player camera when tweeking camera settings - not having a effect. I’m wondering how specific mesh can change behavior in spawning the player.

Related question:
Is it possible to set UE to show specific camera? I only know about Set View Target With Blend which has to be an actor , so I cannot say “switch to camera XY” but only set target as an actor, so this process cannot be debugged? Some method which would force to use specified camera as an parameter.
Shouldn’t spawn of player character just show attached camera?

when I’ve set mesh scale to 1 the camera is correctly shown. Not sure what is the reason? How can this affect the camera (even considering some collisions with the terrain)?