Spawn BP AI with custom behaviour

Hi, I am spawning AI that use simple BP logic (no blackboard). I want to set different behaviours for the AI on spawn. I tried calling functions on the AI actor after spawn, but they failed (I’m assuming b/c the AI actor was not fully instantiated?) So I tried instead to set variables on the AI Actor immediately after spawn (set to expose on spawn/editable). I can set that the vars are being set correctly, but if I use them to select behaviour with the ‘On Begin Play’ event, they do not seem to be set in time (as the event just calls the default value). Is there a different event that is fired on spawn? Or a recommended method for my goal?


I placed a very short delay (.1) after Event Possessed and this works. The set variables are now functioning to set the behaviour of the AI. IDK if this is the best way, but it works for me.