Spawn Atmospheric Fog At Runtime - Precompute Not Working

Hey everyone!

Back with another question. Have a class array of actors that each contain a directional light, sky light, atmospheric fog, and exponential height fog, all with a different ‘mood’ that will be chosen by a variable. At runtime, in the Level Blueprint, when the chosen actor is spawned, the Atmospheric Fog does not spawn along with it, causing the sky to remain black.

According to this [unresolved question][1], “SetPrecomputeParams” and “StartPrecompute” nodes are required. I’m using a GetComponentsByClass to snag the Atmospheric Fog, then attempting to get the atmospheric precompute params, feeding it into the SetPrecomputeParams node and then starting precompute.

However, nothing happens at runtime. Sky is still black. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

Alternatively, is there a way to discover a few key Atmospheric Fog variables from the blueprint and using those to set a pre-existing Atmospheric Fog’s variables? That way we can keep all the work we did for each ‘mood’ without necessarrily having to run the precompute?

Any ideas are welcome!!

Any progress on this?

This is still an issue in 4.19… Hoping this gets fixed ASAP, as it’s been hindering some features I’m working on, in a couple different projects. It drives me mad every time I got back to tinker with any of that part of the project.