Spawn array of meshes?

Hi. So I can spawn only one mesh for now but I want to spawn a random mesh from a list of meshes
Please halp!

First step would be to create an array containing all of the classes you want to potentially spawn. Then you would pick a random item from the array using a Random Integer in Range node. The min would be 0 and the max would be the array’s length minus 1 (due to zero based indexing). Use Get to select an item from the array using the random integer.

Hi. Thanks for the answer! Can you please advice how to create such array? What should be the type? I created some array inside third char bp but it can’t find my other classes I think it’s due to it being a wrong type

The type needs to be a class (purple one) that all of your spawnables inherit from. **Actor **will most likely work.

And here is how you get an random item from array:

Thanks a lot man! You are a lifesaver!