Spawn around character


I have that function for spawn object around the player (circle), at X distance (in this example 80 units)

After spawn each object i added +40 (example) to Displacement (rot Z) and works like expected.

The problem its this only works with same size object, and now i want spawn object with different sizes and calculate how many units must add to the Displacement variable to keep the next object separated.

any idea the best solution for do that?

Circle formula or hardcode numbers for each type.

hardcode each type isn’t option since i spawn the object with random scale, i need get first the width of the object in units. Checking how and then …

You could experiment with the GetActorBounds node. I believe you can make use of Box Extent to calculate the desired displacement dynamically.

yep i found it, i have a small problem yet but i think my problem its near resolved.